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Emergency lighting; there for when things go wrong.

3 Aug 21Blog

In the unforeseen event of a power failure or the mains supply being cut, our emergency lighting system is there to ensure you’re not left in the dark; safeguarding staff and customers against physical danger and emotional distress.

Emergency lighting is a range of backup lights that will operate fully automatically in the event of a power failure. It provides sufficient illumination to enable all occupants of a building to evacuate the premises safely during a blackout.

Recent surveys from sources such as the Lux Review reveal that:

  • More than 50% of emergency lighting schemes won’t work in an incident.
  • 70% of building managers see maintenance as a ‘tick box’ exercise.
  • 56% of businesses fail to keep their safety systems up to date after an internal refurbishment e.g. emergency lighting is not altered to suit a change in building layout.
  • Maintenance providers reported 64% of visited sites’ emergency lighting logbooks are not up to date.
  • 55% of survey respondents reported that customers are more concerned with initial expenditure than ongoing maintenance costs and that once the emergency lighting system is fitted, it is forgotten about.


Who’s afraid of the dark? Not us.

Installing emergency lighting is just the first step in providing building occupants a safe path of egress during power outages. Equally important is following up with regular, required testing and maintenance. Unfortunately, many premises and facility managers are failing this crucial task. Research from Hochiki, a leading manufacturer of life safety systems, showed that more than half of surveyed businesses are risking the safety of building occupants by failing to monitor and maintain emergency lighting systems, exposing themselves to liability for injuries or tragic loss of life in a power outage, fire, or other emergency


Non-maintained Emergency Lighting

Solely for emergency use, coming on when the power supply fails. Ensures emergency exit routes are lit.


Maintained Emergency Lighting

Powered by mains supply, designed to be illuminated continuously. A back up battery ensures that when the emergency mode is triggered, the lights stay on.


Energy Saving Options

LED lighting is an energy efficient option for emergency or general lighting, lasting significantly longer than ordinary fluorescent lighting – in layman’s terms, this equates to more money in your back pocket in the long term as well as experiencing that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you’re helping the planet too. Winner, winner.



Annual services are vital in ensuring that your emergency lighting system is in full working order. A JB-EYE maintenance plan includes periodic checks to ensure both your emergency system and those vital back-up batteries are in full working order.