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Commercial Intruder Alarms

Managed Integrated Systems Ensuring Your Business is Protected 24/7

The risk of loss through burglary or criminal damage has steadily increased over the years to an extent where today monitored intruder alarms are a necessary part of life; they protect property, possessions and people. Whilst most customers acknowledge that a cheap system is false economy – they do want value for money.

JB-EYE Security By Design Criteria: Intruder systems should not be encumbering yet allow a high degree of protection. A survey of the premises includes a risk analysis of your property to determine a suitable level of protection. JB-EYE install industry and insurer approved Grade 2 and 3 systems with single or dual path monitoring and option of requesting police response for confirmed alarms. 

JB-EYE have standardised all the equipment we install which has virtually eliminated the associated requirement for constant engineer and staff re-training, we pick the right product first time so we are in a position to fully support you. Our monitored intruder alarm systems provided each user with a unique identity; this allows you to identify who and exactly what each person is permitted to do and when and where they have authority. This principle is of particular use to those with multiple premises.

New Installation

From the initial consultation to discuss your requirements right through to commissioning, handover and provision of NSI Gold certificate your dedicated JB-EYE team will simplify the process of installing a new system. Providing ease to read full system quotations, simple paperwork and electronic contracts we can minimise your workload. Our independently audited engineers will ensure disruption is minimised and systems are installed to the highest industry standards. 

Takeover of Existing Systems

In many cases when we takeover existing systems we are able to reuse existing cabling and detection devices to minimise your capital outlay. In all cases we will upgrade your system to our latest control equipment with easy to use and manage fobs, remote maintenance and state of the art signalling. 

Our independently audited engineers will ensure disruption is minimised and systems are installed to the highest industry standards. 


 All JB-EYE monitored intruder alarm system contracts include two NSI approved routine services per annum. Our advanced technology allows the interim service visit to be automatically completed remotely. Our customers no longer have to wait for an engineer to attend site for a diagnosis of alarm related problems. Our engineers can check your system remotely and usually solve any problems in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost when called upon.


Our monitored intruder alarm systems communicate to our NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The ARC will determine the type of signals received and action these appropriately. Confirmed intruder alarm signals will result in a call to your local Police where police response has been set up or a call your key holders or guarding company. Unconfirmed alarms and other non-critical signals will be notified to your nominated key holders or guarding company.

Commercial Intruder Alarms

Frequently Asked Questions

What grade of alarm does my business need?

The Security grade is a measure of the resilience to outside influences and to attack by criminals. 

  • Grade 1: intruders are expected to have little or no expertise.
  • Grade 2: intruders are expected to have more knowledge and some specialist equipment.
  • Grade 3: intruders will have both comprehensive knowledge and portable electronic equipment.
  • Grade 4: intruders have expertise, access to good equipment and planned intrusion.

The grades are designed to help people decide which security system they will need. An insurance company may not insure your asset if it is not guarded by at least a Grade 2 system. You should always check with your insurers to see what grade requirement they will have for your business. Clients who require proper security for their business premises will choose to fit a minimum Grade 2 system. 

All JB-EYE systems are installed as Grade 2 minimum and our traditional wired systems can be upgraded to Grade 3 with minimal change and therefore cost required. Grade 2 is the maximum grading that any wireless intruder alarm can achieve.

How simple is the system to use for my staff?

Each staff member you wish to use the alarm is issued with a JB-EYE fob. To set and unset the alarm they simply present their fob to the keypad. 

How do I know my staff are using the alarm properly?

We can set up automated emails that will not only tell you when the alarm is set but also by which staff member. You can see easily at a glance that your employees are entering and exiting at the correct times and have the reassurance of knowing when your alarm is set.

How quickly can i get support for an issue?

Office support is available 0900 – 1630 Monday to Friday, in many cases simple issues can be resolved over the phone or by email. Our advanced systems allow us to remotely connect and diagnose problems in many cases removing the need for you to wait for an engineer to attend site. Out of normal working hours our emergency on call engineers can provide assistance and call outs to site where necessary.

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