Site Audio System

A simple to use system for site wide audio communications, emergency alert lockdown messages and much more…….


What Can The Site Audio System Do?

Lockdown Alerts

Pre-recorded emergency alert messages can be triggered from any handset or emergency buttons on your system.

Class Change Notifications

Play bells or any other sound you want to indicate class change times, lunchtimes, start or end of school or any other event you would like.

Site Wide Announcements

Pick up any handset on your system and press a button to make an announcement to all your speakers.

Localised Announcements

Pick up any handset and dial a 3 digit code to make an announcement to one speaker or any zones set up.

Scheduled Playback

Comprehensive scheduling lets you program repeating or one off announcements and music playback as and when required.

Background Music

Play background music from any audio input source or set up a radio station and let your pupils / staff broadcast to the site.

Independent Network

Our Site Audio System is installed on its own independent network: this prevents any conflict with your existing network infrastructure; allows your system to function even when your internet or local area network is down; means no need for you to have to worry about IT requirements or any additional set up charges from your IT provider. 

Flexible Modular System.

Start with a basic set up with as few as one speaker and one handset. Add additional devices and features as your needs change or budget allows.


external speaker


Alert Button

internal speaker

interface module

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