Audio System

 Our modular JB-EYE Audio system can provide a range of audio solutions including:

  • Single Speaker, Zones and Site Wide Live Announcements
  • Emergency Announcements – Lockdown, Evacuate etc
  • Background Audio – music, radio streams
  • Scheduled Playback – music, pre-recorded audio
  • Fire Alarm Test Warning Announcements, Pre-Alarm Warnings
  • Management and control from a web browser
  • Integration with audio/video intercoms & CCTV systems
  • Integration with automated gates and doors

100’s of uses

Our JB-EYE system can provide a wide range of features.

The modular system can start with one handset and one speaker and be expanded with additional features as your budget allows.

Live Announcements

Make real time annoucements direct from any handset

Emergency Messages

Instantly and clearly notify all people on site in an emergency.

Custom Playlist

Upload songs and create a custom playlist

Door & Gate Opening

Open doors and gates from a handset with a push button

Radio Player

Stream live radio across your site


Pre-recorded messages & sounds on a time schedule

Video/Audio Intercom

Answer video and audio intecoms from handsets 

System Integration

Integrate with other on site systems such as fire alarms

Management Console

Easily manage the system from one management console in a web browser. With no additional software to install and a simple intuitive interface the system can be used from day one with minimal staff training. The inbuilt help pages guide new users through each section of the management console.

Independent Network

The JB-EYE Audio system is installed on its own dedicated network so it won’t impact your network services. 

Speaker Areas

The flexbility to choose playback areas allows live messages, pre-recorded sounds and audio to be played to one, many or all areas as required.

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